About Us

Loft 9 is a gallery space and serves as the home of the Hydrodynamica project.

We have been in this space for 10 years. We often use the space as a venue for art, music and film and plan on doing more events in the future. We have been in this neighborhood for over 20 years. Our previous gallery spaces were 838G and the Cassius King Gallery.

Over the years we have done exhibitions with creative collectives including Hamburger Eyes, Broken Wrist Project, AWR, Giant Robot and G$P to name a few. We have done numerous guest-curated group shows including Modest Behavior III and Carnival Fabulon (Lance De Los Reyes & Chako Suzuki). Solo exhibitions include Peter Halasz, Jeremy Farson and Shepard Fairey. Bands that have performed include the Evens, Andrew Kidman, Peter Kenvin, Jalopy, Old Man Hands Gypsy Orchestra, the Arlington Basement Choir, Teacher’s Pet, the Growlers and Irwin Conspiracy.

Last year San Diego Space4art moved into the warehouse spaces surrounding us and built 34 artists studios and live/work spaces, as well as creating two new gallery spaces and….a stage for bands in the parking lot.

So…now, with a symbiotic relationship growing with our new neighbors, we are looking forward to an amazing new era for the creative community here in San Diego.

Hope to see you here.

~~The Loft 9 Custodians


2 Responses to About Us

  1. shane says:

    Great show last night! I look forward to more in the future 🙂

  2. Thank YOU, Shane, for coming out! We look forward to seeing you at future shows. Hydrodynamica show up next on Saturday, March 26th 🙂

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